About Us


"Jewelvio" began in 2022 with the mission to provide employment, equitable opportunity, and wraparound support for people with barriers to employment. By repurposing meaningful materials into wearable art, we mark life's important moments and connect them to your journey. We seek to embolden people, embrace their infinite strength, and define their future.

We create our products from salvaged items and recycled packaging.." Jewelvio" is a unique combination of the power of beauty and the power of love. We pursue our mission with the hope that by doing so, we will inspire others to make a positive impact in their loved ones' life.

Shopping for jewelry can be quite a fun and exciting experience, even when you don’t have the best jewelry collection. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a couple, you’ll want to check out this store. This is a look at the perfect gift for your favorite couple, whether that person is single or married. This store is about what you can do to make your jewelry collection more beautiful and unique.

Our jewelry serves as a reminder that there is power in the name of love.


We partner with local organizations to seek out people who have struggled to find and retain employment. We hire these people as Creative Designers, teaching them to craft unique, wearable art from fallen layers of graffiti, while providing services to support on their way to self


"Jewelvio" is a social enterprise - meaning that we put our mission first and foremost, and every product sold has a direct impact on the incredible people we serve. Our mission to serve people drives every decision we make.